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Joey+Rory Cook Up More than Music

Jessica Phillips  |  June 24, 2009

Joey and sister Marcy

After competing on CMT's Can You Duet, cranking out a couple of saucy singles ("Cheater, Cheater" and "Play the Song"), and playing concerts around the country, you'd think Joey+Rory would want to kick back and take a breather.

Instead, songstress Joey trades her mic for an oven mitt to help run MarcyJo's Mealhouse, the quaint restaurant she co-owns with her sister Marcy in Pottsville, TN. The place has everything from bakery items to southern "meat-and-three" dinners made from their family recipes.

The restaurant was featured in the duo's commercial, and if you drop by, you might find Joey waiting a table or cooking up dinner when she's not out on the road. Maybe Rory will drop by and even pull out a guitar for a duet or two.

"Waiter, Waiter/What's for Dinner/Down at MarcyJos?" Sounds good, doesn't it?

:: Posted at 12:56 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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