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May shifts gears, directions

By Brian Baker, June 2017

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May admits that she actually brought in her friends Chris Turpin and his wife Stephanie Jean from the band Ida Mae to help with some of the rough demos. This led to misconceptions that May feels compelled to clear up after the fact.

"There were a couple of times when the guys in the studio were listening back to the demos, they'd go, 'Wow! Your guitar playing got really good on this one!'" says May with a laugh. "I didn't have the heart to tell them it wasn't me! So I think I'd like to name check Chris and confess to the band that those two songs weren't me."

In addition to amazing contributions from both Holland and Beck, the credits of "Life Love Flesh Blood" include an attribution to Bono for "mentoring and guidance." May clarifies the U2 front man and longtime friend's role in her new album.

"He was really great...He said, 'Listen, call me if you get stuck. We all need a critique, we all need someone to lean on and tell us the truth.' He did just that," says May. "I called him and said, 'I've more songs than I need, and I'm so close I don't know which ones to drop,' and he said, 'Send them to me.' Then he said, 'The one you're thinking of getting rid of, that's your hit. And the one you love is crap, get rid of it.' He was very honest and kept me going in the right direction. And he hounded T Bone about me. 'Make sure she doesn't drop that song!' And T Bone would say, 'There's this small Irish man keeps bugging me about you...can you get him off my back?' We laughed a lot about that."

Heartbreak doesn't last forever, and while Adele has certainly proven that you can milk it indefinitely, May is only interested in moving forward. That said, once she finishes touring on "Life Love Flesh Blood," she's decided she wants to write a book...about her chaotic seven-people-in-a-two-bedroom-house childhood, which included her father nailing metal scraps to the soles of her shoes to create crude tap shoes.

"It's like a ‘Little Miss Sunshine' kind of family," says May. "A very creative, free and slightly mental family. I began performing at home and drove them all mad. My dad put a plank of wood behind the sofa, and I tapped away like I was in some fabulous musical while they all watched telly. My brothers and sisters have said, 'You should write these stories down.' And our parents are still here, so I thought, 'Let's do it.'"

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