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Faith Hill

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CD Reviews

Articles and Interviews

The unglamorous Lori McKenna (Sep 2007)
Anyone who says women can't have it all clearly has never confronted the force of nature that is Lori McKenna. She has been a devoted wife for 18 years - almost half her life - and equally doting stay-at-home mother of 5 along the way. But somewhere in the painting of this slightly tilted Norman Rockwell portrait, McKenna also became one of the country's most gifted songwriters, beloved by a cultish fan base, championed by Faith Hill and feted by Oprah Winfrey.... more

Editorials and Country Musings

Standing by Tammy Wynette (Sep 2007)
I've been missing Tammy Wynette more than usual lately. I'm not just missing her because she, more than any other artist, was responsible for beguiling me with country music and for starting off this lifelong long affair we've had. And not just because she was taken from us way too early at the age of 55, not just because she had absolutely had the most pure-country, most heartbreakingly beautiful voice ever, or because she had that realness that seems so lacking in modern country - Tammy... more
Cry a lot for Faith Hill (Nov 2002)
When Faith Hill first popped up into our country consciousness, it was thanks to songs like "Wild One," "Piece of My Heart," the hit for Janis Joplin's Big Brother & The Holding Company and "Take Me As I Am." The Mississippi native enjoyed great success with these songs all within a one-year period almost a decade ago. Her videos had a decided country edge to them with Hill sporting jeans and boots. The entire gestalt of what country was about circa mid-1990s. But somewhere along the line, Hill - and she certainly has not been the only singer - veered more and more away from country music.... more

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