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Ed Burleson

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Ed Burleson searches for the cold hard truth (Jun 2004)
Back in 1999, Ed Burleson released a great Texas honky tonk album "My Perfect World." Only, life apparently wasn't so perfect for Burleson because he was getting divorced, he didn't see eye to eye with his label and a key musical influence and Texas legend, Doug Sahm, died. The result was Burleson hadn't had a disc of new music out since save for a self-released live disc. But that's all changed thanks to a new record label, which put out "The Cold Hard Truth," another mix of honky tonk with healthy doses of bluegrass thrown in, in late April.... more
Honky tonker Burleson crosses fingers (Dec 1999)
Doug Sahm is gone now. The man who epitomized Texas music left a legacy of more than 40 years worth of his own recordings. The last project he released during his lifetime was not his own record, but the debut of Ed Burleson, "My Perfect World.". Sahm discovered Burleson, guided this project to fruition and saw it released on his own Tornado label. His last show was the album's release party. Burleson doesn't cover the full spectrum of Texas music like Sahm did. He just covers the hard-core... more