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Gillian Welch

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Time reveals all for Gillian Welch (Sep 2001)
Gillian Welch knows the difference between old time music and bluegrass, and the difference between a music executive and a record man. She knows how to start her own record label, how to be an actress and, incidentally, how to write and sing songs that have earned her a Grammy nomination and the respect of music critics. She is rather at a loss, however, when asked to describe the songs on her most recent album, "Time (The Revelator)." "Time," recorded on Welch's newly created Acony label... more
Gillian Welch: the real retro artist (Jul 1998)
There are many contemporary artists whose sound can be described as retro. But few are more retro than Gillian Welch, whose sound harkens back to the original Carter Family. More than just the Carters' sound, Welch completely captures the mood of their time and place. Those who loved her highly praised debut "Revival" will get more of the same when Welch finally releases her follow-up, "Hell Among The Yearlings," July 28. "The title comes from an old fiddle tune. I bumped into the title looking through a book of fiddle music," Welch says. "I felt it was appropriate for the record we were making."... more
Welch revives acoustic country (Sep 1996)
Gillian Welch is one of the most heralded new singers and writers in what is often awkwardly labeled "alternative" or "insurgent" country. While such a moniker suggests an arch, modern, or grungy approach to country, Welch's music is crystalline and bittersweet, acoustic and twangy. Welch was born in 1968 and raised in West Los Angeles. Welch first discovered bluegrass and country, Monroe and the Delmore Brothers, in college. That love has translated into a beautiful and sincere first record that never loses the acoustic, but edgy sound of her influences.... more

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