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Kevin Welch

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Kane, Welch, Kaplin stay in the mood (Jul 2006)
After working for decades solo, the tandem of Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch teamed up in 2000 to release "11/12/13: Live In Melbourne." The record showed how both seasoned stellar songwriters complemented each other almost perfectly. In 2004, they released their first studio album together, "You Can't Save Everybody," with fiddle player Fats Kaplin. Now, the trio has returned with "Lost John Dean," but Kane still can't figure out why the trio works so well together.... more
Welch drives on (Jul 1999)
While Kevin Welch is not one of Nashville's most prolific or best known or most successful songwriters, he is certainly one of its most gifted. As a writer, Welch placed a number of quality tracks on the albums of the great and near-great. As a performer, Welch recently released his fourth solo album, "Beneath My Wheels." There is very little about Welch, either in his writing style or his career path or his biography, that could remotely be considered typical. He left his native Oklahoma at... more
Dead Reckoners are alive and well, on their own (Mar 1997)
The Dead Reckoning label is both an interesting experiment and a symbol of the artistic bankruptcy of today's music industry. Formed by five talented artists with no place in today's major label world of "Platinum or Bust" (Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch, Mike Henderson, Tammy Rogers and Harry Stinson), it was originally conceived as a way to get each artist's music into the world without commercial pressures. But while it has served that purpose, it has evolved into something more. As much for... more

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