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The Greencards

Movin' On – 2005 (Dualtone)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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If you're one of those people who like to define just what it is you're listening to so that it can be placed in its proper box, be forewarned. There is not a box made that could contain the music here (first released by the group, but then re-released by Dualtone), as it ping-pongs from straight bluegrass instrumentals to blues to gospel to country and back. One thought the mold was broken when God made The Gourds, but someone managed to duct tape it together long enough to produce this spirited and eclectic album.

The trio of Kym Warner, Eamon McLoughlin and Carol Young are augmented on various songs by pros like Harry Stinson, Kenny Malone and Jedd Hughes, but they hardly need the help, as the opening instrumental, "Jolly Hockeysticks," immediately proves. Robert Earl Keen's "Love's A Word I Never Throw Around," provides a lovely vocal spotlight for Young, while, "Man From Galilee," adds an old time gospel element. The breakneck pace of, "Six White Horses," quickly leaves that in the dust, along with any of those obsolete boxes that might still be hanging around.