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Kevin Welch

Life Down Here on Earth – 1995 (Dead Reckoning)

Reviewed by Jana Pendragon

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Welch is a visionary and poet of great magnitude and depth. He is a musician of substance, who has long struggled to break free of the constraints placed upon artists by know-nothings with MBAs. With the birth of his own record label, Welch took a brave and bold steps forward, and this only emphasizes that fact. Welch is another gem, lost in the Nashville shuffle. But from start to finish, he has never turned out a less than quality production, and this is no exception. He is at his best when he kicks down the doors and lets loose. A cowboy of sorts, he can shuffle and twang with the best of 'em and also knows when to rock. His ability to take a love song and make it special ("Wishing for You") is something to behold. More importantly, Welch is able to cover a wide range here ("I Feel Fine Today," Kicking Back in Amsterdam" and "The Love I Have For You"). A special highlight is the fast-paced and provocative "One Way Rider," written with Kostas and the title cut, which ends the disc on a high, bluesy note.