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Lonesome Brothers

Lonesome Brothers – 1997 (Tar Hut)

Reviewed by Joel Bernstein

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The Lonesome Brothers, a Massachusetts band, sometimes veer too close for comfort to Neil Young or even The Eagles, especially on the opener "Eyes Wide Open" and the last listed track "Red House."

In between, they lift from less well-known sources, from Nick Lowe to New Riders Of The Purple Sage. The peak of the album comes in its mid-section, with Armenti's "Down By The Water" and "Three Sisters", followed by Mason's "Warm Vinyl '59". Other highlights include "You Don't Have My Number" and the hidden (live) track "String Of Failures." At their best, The Lonesome Brothers are a very effective mix of modern country with vintage "Power Pop". At their weakest, they're pleasant but forgettable. This is not an album for country purists, but pop-leaning country fans should enjoy it.