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Patty Loveless

The Trouble With the Truth – 1996 (Epic)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Patty Loveless enjoyed a huge 1995, winning album of the year from the Country Music Association. She may just do it again because this disc showcases a confident, tender singer with a slew of excellent songs to boot. Loveless really has developed and come into her own as a powerful interpreter. While including a few uptempo songs no doubt to gain continued radio play (a fine cover of Richard Thompson's "Tear-Stained Letter" and the first single "You Can Feel Bad"), the real story is Loveless' overwhelming ability to tackle the emotional core of each and every song. You can feel the disappointment in her voice time and again ("To Feel That Way At All," courtesy of Jim Lauderdale and Jack Tempchin and the closing "Some Day I Will Lead the Parade" where she sort of sounds like an updated Patsy).

Producer (and husband) Emory Gordy Jr. knows well enough not to let the music interfere with Loveless' vocal prowess. The musicians do their thing quite well, providing the perfect accompaniment, achieving a mournful tone when dictated. The truth is that there is no trouble with Loveless. She is at the top of her game.