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Ron Block

Faraway Land – 2001 (Rounder)

Reviewed by George Hauenstein

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Ron Block is one of the anchors of Alison Krauss' Union Station. In addition to handling the band's banjo/lead guitar work, he is one of the most soulful songwriters around, having written some of the AKUS' most beautiful and most requested gospel songs, including "There Is A Reason," and "In The Palm Of Your Hand."

His debut showcases his songwriting talents. The songs provide a rich and intimate portrait of an artist to whom faith, and the journey to faith, is tremendously important. The album shines with uptempo numbers, "He's Holding On To Me," "In The Morning Light" and "Is It Any Wonder?" Equally compelling are the slower numbers including, "My Hearts Found A Home" and "Searchingè"

Block sings lead on all the tracks, except the instrumental, "Donal's Lullaby," as well as playing banjo, acoustic and electric guitar throughout. Supporting musicians including his Union Station band mates and the Forbes Family. What makes Block's songs so beautiful is their sincerity. The ability to touch a listener with lyrics is a real art, but Block does that on this album. It's a real winner.