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Sweet Right Here – 2004 (Lyric Street)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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It's a little bit hard to think of this group of three sisters making a comeback, but that's exactly what this FOURTH? release from SHedAISY feels like. After "The Whole Shebang" got their career off to such a powerful start, few were prepared for the less-than-enthusiastic response from the second outing, "Knock on the Sky."

So the Sisters Osborn have come out with a sound that doesn't sound a lot like either of those albums. There is a simple live-in-the-studio feel to these 12 songs, all written or co-written by Kristyn Osborn. There also is some brashness and suggestive sexuality hinted at in the debut, but never fully developed. The vocal work is still the main attraction, but instead of layered, complex patterns, the voices are used in support of one another rather than a counterpoint. The hit single "Passenger Seat" has gotten the album off to a strong start, and it opens the program here.

But there's nothing on the songs that follow to make the listener believe that anyone is behind this wheel besides these sisters. On "360 (degrees) of You" they ask "Am I making you uncomfortable?" If that's what it takes to get the group back on track, then they obviously are up for it as this disc proves.