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Corb Lund

Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer – 2006 (Stoney Plain)

Reviewed by Jacquilynne Schlesier

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Corb Lund's fourth album could make anyone homesick for Texas. It's full of saloon piano and fiddle riffs, unabashed hometown pride, charming folksy wisdom, ranching and rodeo. Only trouble is, it's not about Texas at all.

Lund and his band are based out of Alberta - a province with more than a passing resemblance to Texas - so it's no surprise that this album seems like it could have come out of the Lonestar State. Instead, after going Gold in Canada earlier this year, it's finally getting a U.S. release.

The songs are mainly uptempo and light-hearted, but solid writing, sincerity, and a dash of seriousness keep them grounded. Like the ranchers he often sings about, Lund balances the old-fashioned with the new-fangled.

Tracks like "The Truck Got Stuck" and "Trouble in the Country" tell classic stories, but also comment on modern farming issues like genetically modified seed, mad cow disease, and government regulation.

Lund writes detailed lyrics, full of specific references, many of them patently Canadian. Just mentally translate - 'Oilers at the Flames' to 'Longhorns at the Aggies' and T.O. to N.Y.C. - while you enjoy this album.