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Celeste Krenz

My Mother And Me – 2008 (HighHorse)

Reviewed by Dawn Pomento

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It's a touching story that might have no appeal to the general public if not for the wonderful execution and innate talent of Celeste Krenz. When Krenz's mom Jean visited her in Nashville, she brought with her some lyrics she started writing 20 years ago. They picked up where she left off and worked on the songs together. That's why Krenz shares credit with her mom on 7 of the 12 songs. It's truly a multi-generational family affair, with even Celeste's grandmother Inez Nyland helping write one song, Think About You.

Even without that wonderful background story, it's clear that the songs come from the heart and speak of hard-earned wisdom. The genuine lyrics are delivered in Celeste Krenz's sweet voice. But it's surprising the range that a sweet, pure voice can have. It's a voice reminiscent of a less forceful Linda Rondstadt. When Krenz goes bluesy on Cry, a co-write with her mom, it highlights the range of her voice and of the enduring beauty of the songwriting on this well-crafted CD.