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The Greencards

The Brick Album – 2011 (Darling Street)

Reviewed by Jacquilynne Schlesier

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The names listed all over The Greencards new CD, "The Brick Album," aren't ones you're likely to recognize. Rather, they're fans of the group who each chipped in $100 or $200 to allow the group to self-release this new album. For their contribution, they got 14 tracks (including a hidden version of Underneath the Weeping Willow) of eclectic bluegrass influenced by a variety of roots styles. Or, because stretches the bounds of traditional bluegrass more than even their previous albums, perhaps it would be more accurate to describe it as roots music influenced by bluegrass.

Carol Young handles the majority of the lead vocals, though guest Vince Gill does the heavy lifting on Heart Fixer, and the group as a whole harmonizes over Sam Bush's mandolin on the grooving opener Make It Out West.

There are also a few instrumental tracks in the mix, the spritely Adelaide, and both a fast and a slow version of Brazilian-influenced Tale of KangaRio.

Not all of the writing holds up to scrutiny - Said And Done is filled with some of the most overused cliches going - but most of it is solid, and the intriguingly strange Mrs. Madness and the sadly beautiful Girl in the Telescope are elegant bits of poetry.

And if you like "The Brick Album," well, you know who to thank -- their names are written all over it.