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The Ditchdiggers

Light and Salvation – 1999 (Go Kat Go)

Reviewed by Eric Zehnbauer

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With what may be one of the most appropriately titled releases in years, The Ditchdiggers provide a light at the end of the tunnel which may indeed be the salvation of the marriage of country and rock.

Just as the genre of alternative country was becoming more sedate and less edgy (not unlike the movement of alternative rock becoming less and less an alternative and more the mainstream), along come The Ditchdiggers to set country music on its ear. With an energetic mix of country, rockabilly and pure punk energy, The Ditchdiggers' sound provides a jolt to the system like a shot of white lightning. Tunes like "Daddy Made A Farmer" and "Big Bad Baby" crank the energy level up early on, and it doesn't let up. Songs like "Flatbed Love" and "Cheap Motels" relate tales of life and love on the white trash side of town, while "Hicky Hog Hop" and "One More Town" keep the dance floor sweaty and hoppin'. The last track provides the album's only cover tune, a cranked up, cowpunk version of "Amazing Grace." Salvation indeed! (Go Kat Go, 1545 Holcomb Lake Road, Marietta, GA 30062, 770-578-1810)