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From the Country Standard Time Archives

Slobberbone offers tasty, but short buffet

The Viper Room, Hollywood, Cal., Oct. 6, 2000

By Dan MacIntosh

HOLLYWOOD, CA Slobberbone mines territory similar to that of the late great Uncle Tupelo, yet its brief set at this Sunset Boulevard hot spot was just enough of a good thing to reveal a group with great potential.

A little too much juice left this quartet's set a little on the sloppy side, but it also lent it a looseness and a winning spontaneity. Slobberbone is all about heartfelt singing, all out playing and unified jamming.

By the time it ended its 'blink and you'll miss it ' show with a loving cover of Neil Young's "Powderfinger," its own garage-country playing had already earned it the right to touch the work of a master.

Singer Brent Best has one of those great rock & roll faces, with kind of a chubby Mick Jagger/Steven Tyler thing happening. He also has a gutsy singing style, which gives his songs instant credibility.

In addition to the set ending pre-grunge of the Young tune, the Texans also played harmonica-colored folk rock-ish songs, as well as such cowboy stompers such as "Trust Jesus," which Best announced as his mom's favorite band tune.

In spite of its unappetizing name, Slobberbone combines a lot of classic meal favorites to create one tasty buffet. Next time, they better have seconds ready.