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A hearty thanks from CST on its 10th anniversary

Country Standard Time Editorial, August 2002

With this issue, Country Standard Time starts its 10th year. Much, of course, has changed since we started with a debate over whether to put McBride & The Ride or Diamond Rio on the cover. (McBride won it, and both are still around, which says something as well)

The record industry was on the upswing. Country in particular was doing well. The line dancing fad was super hot. When we started, there were soon seven other country magazines alone based just in New England, not traditionally considered a hotbed for country music.

But then music - country included - took a nosedive. Country's was precipitated by losing interest in line dancing and its accompanying hat acts.

Record labels have come and gone as have the artists, of course. Music, in general, has become far too much of a business interested in the bottom line instead of blazing musical trails.

Fortunately, Country Standard Time continues on. Many of you know about our web site at and are regular readers. That is most appreciated as are the readers of the print magazine. They are the folks who keep it going and make us feel that our work has been worthwhile.

Thanks also are due especially to staffers who write features and reviews. Not to mention the advertisers, who also help keep the magazine going.

The last year has not been particularly easy for anyone. The music industry has suffered for a variety of reasons, though the effect of some are not clearcut - questionable talent, Sept. 11, free downloadable music.

Yet, there is still something spiritually uplifting about the music. The pureness and clarity of country, which first was a drawing card to the genre, continues. It makes our job real easy when we find great music no matter who put it out.

It's especially exciting to discover new, unknown artists, who are doing their best to keep the country music torch shining brightly. Or longstanding musicians who are not doing it by the numbers even though they easily could at this stage of their careers.

We once again give our hearty thanks to all involved in making CST what it is today and hopefully will be tomorrow. Let's keep it country.