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Cyndi Thomson returns after three years

Thursday, January 19, 2006 – More than three years after leaving the music business behind after one hit album, Cyndi Thomson seems to be back.

"Cyndi's just in the early stages of making a record, and we're delighted to be working with her again," said Capitol Nashville publicist Judy McDonough in an email.

There is no word on when an album may be out.

Thomson debuted in 2001 with "My World" and had a number 1 hit with "What I Really Meant to Say."

But she left the industry, saying she did not want to be part of the music business. It is not known what prompted the change of heart.

CD reviews for Cyndi Thomson

My World
Newcomers dot Nashville these days. Contracts signed, records recorded, promises made and they're on their way. Two, three albums later and it's see ya later. Perhaps Georgia's Cyndi Thomson will debunk that trend. The 24-year-old's debut features 11 stardom shots that should find an ear on country radio. From pep Ón' poppy country ("Things I Would Do") to lost-in-love ballads ("What I Really Meant to Say"), Thomson twists her focus to a decidedly young country crowd.Call her country's Britney »»»
Editorial: Walking the talk – When names like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon and the Hag are invoked, you're talking hard core country. These are the touchstones of country , the guys who made country music what it was and still is (or maybe can be). When these folks would sing about being down-and-out and the rough-and-tumble, they knew of what they were singing about. Fast forward a few years to the country singers of today. »»»
Concert Review: Turner pleases the traditionalists – Josh Turner is a hard-working citizen, a man of faith and a loyal father and husband. He also happens to be one of the youngest members inducted to the Grand Ole Opry. In short, he is the embodiment of country music's champion of the everyman. This night was special for him. He was celebrating an anniversary with his wife and his 18th with his label MCA.... »»»
Concert Review: Not much really changes for LaFarge – Just one look at the stage made it clear that this was not going to be a typical night with Pokey LaFarge. There were only a few guitars to be seen, which meant that LaFarge was going it alone. "I've been touring for years with a band," LaFarge told perhaps a few hundred people before he had even played a note.... »»»
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