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Derryl Dodd robbed

Monday, April 3, 2006 – Derryl Dodd is looking for equipment. A 6-foot by 12-foot Cargo Mate trailer was stolen from the band's hotel parking lot in North Richland Hill, Texas early in the morning on Thursday, March 30th. Inside the trailer was a large supply of merchandise as well as most of the band's gear. The gear and merchandise has yet to be recovered. Dodd has a new CD release on Dualtone Records, "Full Circle," dropping June 27.

CD reviews for Deryl Dodd

Full Circle CD review - Full Circle
Since bouncing back from health problems four years ago, Deryl Dodd's albums have equivocated between his Texas roots and Nashville's commercial ambitions. His second release for Dualtone was recorded in Nashville with studio A-listers and though it mostly stays true to Dodd's honky tonk heart, it takes detours for a pop-inflected ballad and some flavor-of-the-month rowdy rock. The album opens well with the twangy two-step "Wearin' a Hole." Dodd sings full throated, »»»
Stronger Proof
Deryl Dodd had a couple minor hits when he was laid low by a case of viral encephalitis that landed him in bed for six months. You'd think that with all that time to plan his comeback album he'd pick a better song to cover than Kenny Rogers's ode to 70's hedonism "Love or Something Like It." You'd think he'd realize that his forte is traditional country music and eschew the rocking "Let Me Be." You'd think he'd realize that a butt-smooch to the audience like "The Crowd" is no substitute for a »»»
Live At Billy Bob's Texas
There's not a lot of new material on Deryl Dodd's first live album, but it's hard to blame the singer for recycling. For one thing, the Texas native was playing to what amounted to a home town crowd; for another, many of the repeats never got much attention during his three-album stint with Columbia and its "Americana" imprint, Lucky Dog - in part because a life-threatening illness a couple of years ago derailed a career that was just getting under way. With a stripped-down, 3-piece band, Dodd »»»
Editorial: Walking the talk – When names like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon and the Hag are invoked, you're talking hard core country. These are the touchstones of country , the guys who made country music what it was and still is (or maybe can be). When these folks would sing about being down-and-out and the rough-and-tumble, they knew of what they were singing about. Fast forward a few years to the country singers of today. »»»
Concert Review: Henry comes out the other end a better man – Joe Henry mentioned at the outset that this show was not only the record release celebration, but also the anniversary - to the day - of when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although the songs from this fine new album do not address his illness directly, they many times touch upon the big issues of human existence (life, death and the meaning of it all).... »»»
Concert Review: What's in a name? Strings lives up to it – Billy Strings may not be his real name, but the bluegrass performer more than lives up to his adopted moniker. Bluegrass may not be the first style of music when one thinks of William Apostol's (yup, that's Billy's real name) home state of Michigan, but with more miles on the bus and shows like this outstanding, lengthy, lyrical night... »»»
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