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2009 News Archives

December 2009

Avenged Sevenfold drummer dies at 28 (MTV, December 29)

Vic Chesnutt dies at 45 (New York Times/AP, December 26)

Vic Chesnutt in coma after suicide attempt (Billboard, December 24)

Aerosmith's Tyler goes into rehab (Rolling Stone, December 22)

Kevin Jonas gets married (MSNBC, December 20)

Owl City announces tour (Standard Time, December 18)

John Frusciante leaves Peppers, a year ago (Billboard, December 17)

The Used launch headline tour (Standard Time, December 17)

Stooges, Genesis, ABBA make R&R Hall of Fame (AP, December 15)

Editors set headlining U.S. tour (Standard Time, December 10)

Muse plans U.S. gigs (Standard Time, December 10)

Patti Smith joins Tibet House concert (Standard Time, December 9)

Springsteen backs gay marriage bill (Billboard, December 9)

LMFAO opens Black Eyed Peas shows (Standard Time, December 8)

AIR to tour U.S. in March (Standard Time, December 7)

Weezer lead singer hurt in bus crash, tour cancelled (Standard Time, December 6)

Pet Shop Boys offer "Christmas" (Standard Time, December 4)

Grammy nominations yield few surprises (New York Times, December 3)

Ron Wood arrested for assault (Rolling Stone, December 3)

Clapton, Beck announce dates (Livedaily.com, December 2)

Sweet Apple signs with Tee Pee (Standard Time, December 2)

Bess Hawes, co-writer of The MTA dies (Boston.com, December 1)

Black Eyed Peas announce world tour (Billboard, December 1)

The Whigs announce third release (Standard Time, December 1)

November 2009

The Who to perform at Super Bowl half-time show (AP, November 27)

Massive Attack readies fifth CD (Standard Time, November 24)

Miley Cyrus bus driver killed in accident (Rolling Stone, November 20)

Bonnaroo sets 2010 dates (Biilboard, November 19)

Liam Gallagher plans solo disc (BBC, November 19)

Nick Jonas debuts new material with new band (Standard Time, November 18)

Xiu Xiu readies new music (Standard Time, November 18)

Motion City Soundtrack announces tour (Standard Time, November 17)

Slayer, Megadeth ready tour (Billboard, November 16)

Aerosmith not breaking up (Billboard, November 11)

Is Steven Tyler quitting Aerosmith? (Boston.com, November 9)

Calle 13 takes Latin Grammys (Billboard, November 6)

Bob Seger raids vaults for new songs (Billboard, November 4)

Rooney tours behind EP (Standard Time, November 4)

Sublime band members can't use name, judge rules (Billboard, November 3)

Norton Buffalo dies at 58 (SF Gate, November 2)

October 2009

Hail The Villain signs with Roadrunner (Standard Time, October 28)

Airbourne to release new CD (Standard Time, October 27)

Lilith returning in 2010 (Standard Time, October 27)

Shout Out Louds finish recording new disc (Standard Time, October 27)

Guster launches anniversary tour (Standard Time, October 26)

Ratt is coming back (Standard Time, October 26)

Springsteen show cancelled in KC due to death (Kansascity.com, October 26)

Morrissey collapses at concert in England (Billboard, October 25)

Bon Jovi plans world tour (Billboard, October 22)

Smokey Robinson keynotes SXSW (Standard Time, October 22)

The Editors set release of new CD (Standard Time, October 21)

Greg Allman tours the east (Standard Time, October 20)

Cake records green (Standard Time, October 13)

Michael Jackson's new single: the verdict (New York Times, October 13)

Paul Anka receives writing credit on Michael Jackson song (New York Times, October 13)

Carly Simon plans first ever European tour (Billboard, October 9)

Dead by Sunrise stream new CD at MySpace (Standard Time, October 7)

Jay Reatard's Band Walk Out on Tour (Spinner.com, October 7)

Guns N' Roses sued for alleged song copying (Billboard, October 6)

Taking Back Sunday goes live on iTunes (Standard Time, October 6)

Alice Cooper keeps Halloween alive (Standard Time, October 5)

Lady Gaga, Kanye tour cancelled (Billboard, October 1)

September 2009

P Diddy signs with Interscope (Aceshowbiz.com, September 30)

Springsteen to play entire discs at Giants Stadium gigs (Billboard, September 29)

Leonard Cohen plays Israel despite controversy (Billboard, September 24)

New Sanz single coming Monday (Standard Time, September 18)

Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary dies at 72 (New York Times, September 16)

Punker/poet Jim Carroll dies at 60 (New York Times, September 14)

Ellen DeGeneres to judge on American Idol (Billboard, September 10)

Against Me! records with Vig (Standard Time, September 9)

Dave Matthews Band's new CD goes platinum (Standard Time, September 8)

Michael Jackson is laid to rest (New York Times, September 3)

Crooked Vultures supergroup sets tour (Biilboard, September 1)

August 2009

Songwriter Ellie Greenwich dead at 68, wrote Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Then He Kissed Me (LA TImes, August 27)

Massive Attack plans new music (Standard Time, August 26)

Chris Brown gets five years probation in Rihanna attack (New York Times/AP, August 25)

R.E.M. readies live CDs (Standard Time, August 24)

Lethal levels of drug killed Michael Jackson (Los Angeles Times, August 24)

Jim Dickinson dies at 67 (Memphis Commercial Appeal, August 16)

Aerosmith cancels summer tour (Billboard, August 14)

Les Paul dies at 94 (New York Times, August 13)

Jane's Addiction closes Lollapalooza (Billboard, August 10)

Mike Seeger dies at 75 (New York Times, August 10)

Willy DeVille dead at 58 (New York Times, August 8)

Beastie Boys Yaunch updates fans on treatment (Billboard, August 5)

Paula Abdul leaving American Idol (Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 5)

July 2009

Breaking Benjamin return to studio (Standard Time, July 29)

Newport festival gears up for 50th (Standard Time, July 29)

Backstreet Boys plan new CD for October (Standard Time, July 28)

The Pixies tour U.S. for "Doolittle" (Standard Time, July 28)

Avril Lavigne goes for stripped-down sound on CD (Billboard, July 27)

Phish Halloween fest returns (Standard Time, July 24)

Kelly Clarkson launches fall tour (Standard Time, July 21)

Beastie Boys's Yauch diagnosed with cancer (Standard Time, July 20)

Amy Winehouse granted civil divorce ( Billboard, July 16)

One killed setting up Madonna concert in Paris (Rolling Stone, July 16)

Drake Levin of Paul Revere and the Raiders dies  (New York Times, July 10)

Maroon 5 enters studio (Standard Time, July 10)

The Rifles sign with Nettwerk (Standard Time, July 10)

Pearl Jam announces tour dates (Billboard, July 9)

Cumbancha signs Indian star Kailash Kher (Standard Time, July 8)

Dead Man's Bones with actor Ryan Gosling signs with Anti- (Standard Time, July 8)

MIchael Jackson's celebration of life (New York Times, July 7)

Debbie Rowe won't attend Jackson memorial (ABC, July 6)

Abba show coming in September in Lopndon (BBC, July 5)

Beatles, Stones manager Allwn Klein dead at 77 (New York Times, July 4)

Michael Jackson will leaves questions about future battles (New York Times, July 1)

June 2009

John Butler Trio changes members (Standard Time, June 30)

Vibe Magazine folds (New York Times, June 30)

Bon Jovi stands by Iran (Billboard, June 29)

Jackson sales surge (MTV, June 29)

Michael Jackson dies at 50 (New York Times, June 25)

Perez Hilton sues Black Eyed Peas manager over fight (Billboard, June 24)

Rob Thomas plots fall tour (Standard Time, June 23)

Chris Brown pleads guilty in Rihanna assault (LA Times, June 22)

AIR slates new CD for October (Standard Time, June 18)

New Kids bag Aussie tour due to recession (Billboard, June 18)

Usher getting divorced (CNN, June 17)

Mariah Carey slates new CD (Standard Time, June 16)

Phish, Beastie Boys play Bonnaroo (Billboard, June 13)

Los Lobos sign with Shout! Factory (Standard Time, June 11)

Britney's Circus tour returns (Billboard, June 10)

Alice in Chains signs with Virgin (Standard Time, June 8)

Pet Shop Boys plan North American tour (Standard Time, June 5)

New Jay-Z coming in September (Billboard, June 5)

Whitney Houston CD dropping Sept. 1 (Standard Time, June 4)

Blues great Koko Taylor dies at 80 (UPI, June 3)

Elektra Records relaunches (Standard Time, June 1)

Ozzy sues Black Sabbath mate over name (The Guardian, June 1)

May 2009

Phil Spector gets 19 years in murder case (Los Angeles Times, May 31)

Depeche Mode cancels more dates (Billboard, May 28)

Grace Potter band changes (Standard Time, May 28)

Jay-Z nears Epic deal (Billboard, May 27)

The Boss closes Giants Stadium (Billboard, May 22)

Jay-Z goes his own way (Rapradar.com, May 21)

Chris Allen wins American Idol (AP, May 20)

Natalie Cole gets new kidney (CNN, May 20)

Ian Hunter returns with July CD on New West (Standard Time, May 19)

Taking Back Sunday plans on new CD, Blink-182 tour (Standard Time, May 19)

Green Day's “21st Century Breakdown” drops today (Standard Time, May 15)

Bassist, NBA star Wayman Tisdale dies of cancer (Jazz Times, May 15)

Paste magazine seeks donations to stay afloat (AP, May 14)

Queen, Paul Rodgers split (Rolling Stone, May 13)

Jay-Z, Ciara plan summer tour (Billboard, May 12)

White Stripes Meg White to wed Patti Smith's son (Billboard/AP, May 5)

Coldplay gives away live CD (Standard Time, May 1)

April 2009

Tori Amos offers free download (Standard Time, April 30)

Nutini unveils tour plans (Standard Time, April 28)

Sean Paul releases new song (Standard Time, April 24)

Coachella draws 166K, second best ever (Rolling Stone, April 22)

Lollapalooza sets lineup (Pollstar, April 21)

The Cure go live (Standard Time, April 21)

Green Day announcees tour (Standard Time, April 20)

Sales increase on Record Store Day (Billboard, April 20)

Coachella: day two (Billboard, April 19)

Beyonce launches tour in June (Standard Time, April 17)

Fall Out Boy moves show over security issues (Standard Time, April 17)

Phil Spector found guilty of second degree murder (New York Times, April 13)

Dead Weather slate first public gig (Standard Time, April 6)

Phish plays Fenway (Standard Time, April 6)

Simon and Garfunkel tour agagin (Billboard, April 6)

Stamey, Holsapple releasing new CD (Standard Time, April 6)

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame goes home (New York Times, April 5)

Lucky Dube murderers get life (Billboard, April 2)

March 2009

Gallows signs with Warner (Standard Time, March 31)

Priest sets tour with Whitesnake (Standard Time, March 27)

Iggy Pop plots new CD (Standard Time, March 26)

Green Day CD out May 15 (Standard Time, March 25)

Jimmy Chamberlain leaves Smashing Pumpkins (Pollstar, March 23)

Kanye plays SXSW (Billboard, March 22)

Counting Crows announces split from Geffen (Standard Time, March 18)

Taking Back Sunday becomes "New Again" (Standard Time, March 17)

Coldplay adds dates (Standard Time, March 16)

Dylan, Dead, Stanley, Nelson top Rothbury fest (Standard Time, March 16)

Concord's Hal Gaba dies (Los Angeles Times, March 13)

Green Day gets vinyl treatment (Standard Time, March 13)

Jack White debuts new band (Standard Time, March 12)

Coolio charged with coke possession (Pollstar, March 10)

Devo records new music (Standard Time, March 10)

Stevie Nicks readies DVD, CD (Standard Time, March 10)

NIN, Jane's Addiction set tour (Standard Time, March 9)

U2 announces stadium gigs (Billboard, March 9)

Winehouse pulls out of Coachella, cites legal issues (BBC, March 9)

Phish returns to action (Billboard, March 7)

Amy Winehouse charged yet again, assault this time (AP, March 6)

Au Revoir Simone readies new disc (Standard Time, March 6)

Pet Shop Boys plan 10th disc (Standard Time, March 6)

U2 plays Fordham (New York Times, March 6)

U2 tour coming (Billboard, March 6)

Chris Brown charged in Rihanna case (New York Times, March 5)

Michael Jackson returns to London stage (Daily Mail, March 5)

Grizzly Bear announces new CD, tour (Standard Time, March 4)

Lil Wayne drugs charges dismissed in Georgia (Billboard, March 4)

Piedmont bluesman John Cephas dies at 78 (Standard Time, March 4)

Buckwheat Zydeco readies new CD (Standard Time, March 3)

DragonForce returns (Standard Time, March 3)

U2 pushes new CD, tour planned (Billboard, March 2)

February 2009

Barenaked Ladies forge ahead without singer (Billboard, February 26)

Dinosaur Jr. signs with Jagjaguwar, tours (Standard Time, February 26)

Slumdog Millionaire composer wins Oscars (AP, February 23)

Clay Aiken parts with RCA (Billboard, February 20)

Razorlight plays U.S., releases new CD (Standard Time, February 20)

Legal battle breaks out over Tupac biopic (Billboard, February 19)

Touch and Go Records to stop releasing new music (Billboard, February 18)

Idan Raichel Project slates tour (Standard Time, February 17)

Sirius XM gets loan from Liberty (New York Times, February 17)

Clapton, Winwood plan summer tour (Billboard, February 13)

Fat Possum license Hi records (Standard Time, February 13)

Leonard Cohen plans first CD in five years (Billboard, February 13)

Metallica goes digital (Standard Time, February 13)

Limp Bizkit: They're back (Standard Time, February 12)

MUTEMATH offers EP (Standard Time, February 12)

U2 plans a week with Dave (Standard Time, February 12)

Government investigates proposed Live Nation, Ticketmaster merger (Bloomberg, February 11)

Lily Allen releases disc, plans tour (Standard Time, February 9)

Chris Brown arrested in alleged assault of Rihanna (EOnline, February 8)

Plant/Krauss score big at Grammys (Billboard, February 8)

Kings of Leon mount spring tour (Standard Time, February 6)

Ticketmaster apologizes to Springsteen, fans over ticket snafu (Billboard, February 5)

Chris Cornell readies new music (Standard Time, February 4)

Lady Sovereign drops new single (Standard Time, February 3)

Springsteen, Phish, Beasties, NIN play Bonnaroo (Standard Time, February 3)

The Decemberists debut CD at SXSW (Standard Time, February 3)

Travis launches tour (Standard Time, February 3)

Slow sales axe Langerado (Standard Time, February 3)

January 2009

Jon McLaughlin starts tour (Standard Time, January 30)

McCartney, Winehouse, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand play Coachella (Standard Time, January 30)

British singer John Martyn dies at 60 (Billboard, January 29)

Lynyrd Skynyrd's Billy Powell dies at 56 (Los Angeles Times, January 28)

Fall Out Boy slates spring tour (Standard Time, January 27)

Springsteen starts tour in April (Billboard, January 27)

Jimmy Buffett plans summer dates (Billboard, January 26)

Songwriter Clint Ballard Jr. dies (New York Times, January 19)

U2 releases CD song list (Billboard, January 16)

Depeche Mode readies new D (Standard Time, January 15)

Metallica, Run-DMC, Beck, Little Anthony, Bobby Womack to join Rock Hall (Rolling Stone, January 15)

Shakira records with Pharrell, Wyclef (Billboard, January 15)

Maria Taylor readies third CD (Standard Time, January 13)

Amy Winehouse's husband seeks divorce (CNN, January 12)

Fergie gets hitched (MTV, January 12)

Phish tours for first time in five years (Standard Time, January 8)

Buckwheat Zydeco signs with Alligator (Standard Time, January 7)

Femi Kuti cancels entire tour (Standard Time, January 7)

Is Phish regrouping? (Billboard, January 7)

Apple changes iTunes (New York Times, January 6)

Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton found dead (MTV.com, January 6)

Ohio Players founder Robert Ward dies (Billboard, January 5)

Citing illness, Femi Kuti delays tour (Standard Time, January 5)

The Dead return in '09 (Billboard, January 1)

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