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Coming Soon- Bluegrass Birth Announcements

Donald Teplyske  |  May 24, 2015

I am amazed-on a daily basis-by how little I know.

Still, there is the occasional moment when I experience a profound and searing understanding. I had one of those epiphanies this past weekend.

Fervor Coulee Bluegrass needs to begin Bluegrass Baby Announcements!

I have had difficulty keeping up with this blog here at Country Standard Time. I am not clever enough to produce a weekly column of humour, as does one bluegrass writer of note. I don't live close enough to the bluegrass belt to regularly attend shows, so I can't reflect on them. Similarly, I am not connected to the inner workings of the bluegrass industry to the degree necessary to provide insight into the political rumblings and ramblings of the IBMA, or to provide gossip about who is snorting which substance. I already review-here and elsewhere-more than enough albums to keep be busy. So, what to write about?

But, Bluegrass Baby Announcements-those I can do.

There was a time when such news was only announced in band newsletters or from the festival stage. Now, it seems like near every second day some of the bluegrass websites are breaking news about who popped out what. I imagine their readers must be clamouring for such information, based on the simple fact they keep posting the announcements. That I've never heard of many of the mandolin players who have sired the latest to be announced to an adoring public, all presumably cooing, 'Gosh, she's cutter than a June bug on a pum'kin stump,' is beside any point.

If I want to boost my readership, and have material to keep me going, I'm going to start posting bluegrass births weekly.

Send all your bluegrass birth news to me here at Fervor Coulee Bluegrass: the address is

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