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Rick Teverbaugh Hello. My name is Rick Teverbaugh. I am well into middle age and have been writing professionally for over 30 years. I write sports for a living and write about music for enjoyment. The past several years I have written features and reviews for Country Standard Time.

Some of my most memorable face-to-face music-related interviews have been with Dick Clark and Kris Kristofferson. My love affair with music not exactly mainstream country began with the album "Pickin Up the Pieces" by Poco and the first two albums by Gram Parsons.

I avidly investigated the birth of the Americana genre and was a staunch follower of No Depression magazine. The more people who are personally exposed to this music, the more it will be appreciated for its creativity, honesty and purity. That's the end goal I have in creating this blog.

Song that best sums up my life and personality, "It Ain't Easy Being Me," by Chris Knight.

Feel free to drop me a line at

– Rick

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