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Dixie Chicks, Beyonce and the CMAs: Daddy Lesson rules

Jeffrey Remz  |  November 4, 2016

By my reckoning, it was the performance of the 50th CMA Awards. But not everyone saw the paring of Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks that way.

In fact, it has devolved in social media (surprise, surprise) into pro- and anti-. Unfortunately, some of it has clearly been over racial lines and some racist comments as well against Queen Bey.

As for the performance itself, the song fit, certainly at least as well as many of the songs played at the CMAs. The song has a country, soulful bent to it with banjo part of the mix. It was certainly "more country" than a number of songs played that night - e.g., Kelsea Ballerini's "Peter Pan" or Maren Morris' "My Church." I should add that there is nothing against either singer or performer. "My Church" is a great song, but it's not exactly hard-core country.

I do suspect a lot of the complaints are along racial and political lines.

Beyonce has made her viewpoints known about Black Lives Matter and the police shootings of African Americans, releasing a statement in July.

Part of the statement said, ""We don't need sympathy. We need everyone to respect our lives. We're going to stand up as a community and fight against anyone who believes that murder or any violent action by those who are sworn to protect us should consistently go unpunished."

Some of the comments posted online made it clear that people did not like that she was anti-cop and pro Black Lives Matter.

Yet, for someone to think that all police actions in which African Americans were killed were justified isn't dealing with reality either. Racism does exist in the U.S. folks.

As for the Chicks, I was surprised that they played the CMAs period. They're not exactly part of the country community. Was this a way for them to get back into the country mainstream? Somehow, I just don't think so.

Maybe the powers that be at the CMA did in paring them together, but I'd be curious about the Chicks' role.

What is disheartening is the negativity and double standard being purveyed by haters. It's okay for Ariane Grande and Justin Timberlake to play, but not Beyonce. It's okay for those on the conservative side (Ronnie Dunn, for example) to play, but not those with a differing viewpoint.

That's why we have a Constitution to protect our right to free speech.

Of course, the performance by Beyonce and the Chicks was not political in any way, shape or fashion. Just good solid music.

Too bad that the haters can't see it that way. "Daddy Lessons" ruled at the 50th Country Music Association awards.

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