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Life is tough for Carrie Underwood

Jeffrey Remz  |  February 11, 2011

It sounded great. Could Carrie Underwood have wished for anything more? Here she was getting married to a hockey player, Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators, last summer. But it wasn't ideal in terms of the togetherness aspect. Not when you're playing more than 80 games a year when all is said and done and you're north of the border, and your wife is in Music City.

But Underwood was a frequent presence in Ottawa apparently getting into the life.

But no more. That's because Fisher was traded by the lowly Senators to the hometown Predators of Nashville a few days ago, meaning that Fischer and Underwood are united again.

The "fallout" has started, however, for Underwood.

Canadian radio station KISS FM - 105.3 on your dial if you're living in Ottawa - refused to play Underwood's music. It sounded as if they were mad about Fisher being traded and taking it out on Underwood.

The reaction was none too pleasant from some quarters, at least based on web postings.

On the station's Facebook page, Debbie Thompson wrote, "Is it true KISS are banning Carrie Underwood songs.......I am not too happy!!!"

And from Kristin Horrell, "WOW! This is total BS!! Ban Carrie and lose many listeners. It's not her fault. Just shows how much of an immature station you guys really are."

Sarah Hundertmark, a high school student from Ottawa, wrote, "That's so stupid! Carrie Underwood is such an amazing singer and she didn't do anything to have Mike traded! It was only a matter of time!!"

Chances are that Underwood's not losing a second of sleep about it, and neither should her fans. She ought to be laughing out loud, and so should her fans.

Folks, it's a flat-out joke. The station pulled a good publicity stunt because it doesn't play Underwood anyway. What KISS received w as a lot of publicity across the internet as a result of the joke.

Radio station Program Director Gayle Zarbatany said on Friday when asked how often actually play Underwood, '"'s the deal, the reaction we're getting is mainly outside of Ottawa because they don't know our radio station. We're a Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Pink station."

Then again, Underwood probably should not be laughing at all. She should be thrilled.

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