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Lady Gaga, country singer?

Jeffrey Remz  |  March 25, 2011

I can't say that I thought I'd ever write about Lady Gaga when talking about country music. I mean Gaga is not exactly your typical, every day run of the mill country singer, right?

To prove my cred of being a fan, I've seen her three times and gone from being a bit perplexed to getting her more and more and enjoying her more and more. Heck, her albums are even on my iPod, and I've run to them.

Okay. So, I was more than a little shocked when lo and behold, I found out today that out today was Born This Way (The Country Road Version). Who'd a thunk it?

Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson and other traditionalists need not worry that Gaga is going to tread on their turf. Gaga produced the song with Fernando Garibay, who co-produced the original version and was the musical director on Gaga's next CD, out May 23.

The song probably passes for what is country these days - there is a bit of harp, which also resurfaces right near the very end of the song, acoustic guitar and electric guitar (the type heard in country songs nowadays). The vocals are more on the soulful side. About three quarters of the way into the song (the three-minute mark), Lady Gaga sings, "If I wanna make it country, baby, it's ok/Because I was born, I was born, I was born this way."

Well, I'm not so sure that one should treat being a country music fan as being part of an oppressed minority, as Gaga has embraced the gay community big time in action and song to tell her fans to live as they are. Okay, I guess if we're oppressed by those who don't like country music, bring it on Gaga.

However, I would suspect that some in the country crowd are not so enamored of some of the lyrics of the song that quickly follow about whether you're gay, bi or transgendered, it's okay.

What seems most curious to me is that Gaga recorded a country version of the song. Who knew that Gaga had any interest in country whatsoever?

I like the song and the message behind it, but I would be hesitant to label this a country song or Gaga country. Period. Still, maybe Gaga wanted to extend her music to as many audiences as possible, and for that she is to be commended.

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