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With Jessie James and country, everything goes

Jeffrey Remz  |  January 17, 2012

Yet one more singer is trying the country route. This time, it's young singer Jessie James. She has one disc under her belt - a self-titled 2009 release.

James released a few singles, but was not particularly a hit out of the box. In fact, only one song - Wanted - even made the charts, and was not what anyone would label a hit.

Now, it's apparently time to go a different tack. Show Dog-Universal and Mercury/IDJ are partnering together to see if they can do something for James' career. They are going to release the country pop song - and the emphasis must be on pop - When You Say My Name - on Jan. 31 via iTunes.

In reality, this should come as no shock. James said she's always wanted to do country and considered herself a country singer (okay, so why was your 2009 disc not a country release if you felt that strongly about your roots?). Show Dog-Universal head Mark Wright said James "always considered herself a country artist."

It doesn't take a whole lot these days to reinvent yourself as a country artist. Not everyone succeeds, of course, but the swath is so wide that almost anyone can be invited to the party.

At some level, this is discouraging - an artist sticks his or finger in the wind and switches gears. James well could succeed. She has a good voice from what I've heard and definitely has the looks (sorry, but that is part of what makes a "successful" artist). That's the reality folks. Everything goes.

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