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Martina McBride, the wedding planner :*(

Jeffrey Remz  |  April 3, 2012

Martina McBride may be a great singer - I liked her from the get go when she was doing harder country - but Martina stay away from wedding planning. That idea of yours to have a live wedding on Sunday at the Academy of Country Music awards while you and Train's Pat Monahan sang Marry Me was weird, awkward and needless. Throw the word bizarre in there also.

The whole thing was extremely odd. The segment alternated between the song and Christina Davidson and Frank Tucci getting married by some officiant there.

The backdrop to the story was real good - both Davidson and Tucci lost their spouses at a very young age. Their children were involved in Tucci proposing to Davidson. Ultra sad story with a great ending. Sort of.

"It was an idea that popped in my head out of nowhere after I was invited to sing 'Marry Me' on the ACM Awards. My manager called and told me and I thought, 'Of course, I'd love to sing on the show. Let's do a live wedding on the show," McBride told The Boot. "I didn't say it out loud because I thought it was a really crazy idea, then a couple of days went by and I thought, 'It is a crazy idea, but it's worth just throwing it out there.' I think it's so special."

But lo and behold, come the magic moment, there were no children, family or friends around. Just seemingly thousands of total strangers sitting in an arena and millions more on TV. One hopes they were legally married in advance, and this was made for (bad) TV.

I wonder if Martina would enjoy if one of her kids got married under similar circumstances. Somehow I truly doubt it.

This whole part of the show seemed like TV and country music taking advantage of the couple. The couple may be unique as the host Nancy O'Dell said, but, unfortunately, so was the wedding. This was a real low point. Let's hope the marriage is a lot better than the ceremony was.

And Martina, keep away from being a wedding planner. Bad idea for a great singer.

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