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Thanks Carrie for a special show

Jeffrey Remz  |  August 1, 2012

Carrie Underwood made for a most special night on Tuesday in what is fortunately becoming an annual affair in Boston - the Country Music Association Songwriters Series.

Underwood is better known as a great singer with a bunch of hits under her belt and drop dead gorgeous looks instead of being a songwriter. But here she was on stage with likes of the host of the evening Bob DiPiero, Luke Laird, Carey Barlowe, Hillary Lindsey and Brett James. (Well, Underwood did have her acoustic guitarist with her as she said she does not play and sing at the same time). The fact of the matter is Underwood has helped write a chunk of the songs she has recorded.

This was a most different night for Underwood and the crowd, most of whom were doubtlessly her fans and taking advantage of the chance of seeing her in a small setting instead of the arenas she will start hitting next month when her tour opens in Manchester, N.H.

One thing evident was that Underwood truly is an excellent singer. DiPiero, who is not a very good singer by any stretch, but knows his way about writing a song, proclaimed her the best singer he had ever heard.

Doing it in the studio is one thing because with the way technology is these days, who knows if you are getting a singer's true abilities or are the vocals being doctored?

Underwood needs no vocal help whatsoever in the studio. Time and again, during the evening, Underwood pulled off song after song without any problem. She sings with depth, toughness, a gentleness and the ability to belt it out as well.

While seated throughout - all performers were in this guitar pull setting that was acoustic only - one got the sense that Underwood was aching to stand up and sing in the style to which she is accustomed. She managed to stay seated anyway.

Underwood tended to lack the stories behind the songs as most of her compadres did. In fact, there was a bit of a shyness (uncomfortableness?) from Underwood and not the easy going attitude of the others. Could it be that Underwood wanted to shy away from overwhelming her mates for the night? Lindsey, unfortunately, made too many unnecessary comments about how great Underwood was. Underwood did not need that kind of help as she proved she could sing just fine.

This was a rare chance to hear Underwood in this type of setting. A big congrats to the CMA and Underwood for doing the show.

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