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The Three Faces of Faith

Jessica Phillips  |  April 23, 2009

In the new issue of RedBook Magazine , singer-actress-model Faith Hill is showing off as many different looks as she has careers.

The striking Southern belle spent over 20 hours being primped, plucked, and posed to emulate three of her style icons--Bridget Bardot, Twiggy, and, most stunningly, Grace Kelly (as pictured). The magazine also features a lengthy interview with Hill regarding how she feels about each of the icons, how she teaches her daughters about self-image, and her own beauty routine.

"Twiggy represented the mod look of the '60s, while Grace was more about a certain classic elegance and beauty, and Brigitte was more defined by her sensuality and her sexuality," says Hill.

Faith hints at a new album that is in the works, as well as a fragrance being released in the Fall. As for her own definition of beauty? "Beauty for me has a lot to do with happiness and a certain confidence deep inside," she states.

Spoken like a true Southern belle.

To see more of Faith's interview, check out the RedBook interview.

:: Posted at 12:50 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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