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Josh Turner Excited About New Album

Jessica Phillips  |  August 24, 2009

Josh Turner fans (and Turner himself) are anxiously awaiting the release of the deep-voiced superstar's next album.

Turner gave the Toledo Blade and fans at the Ritz Theatre a live "sneak peek" performance of tunes from the upcoming release. He is most excited about the muscial growth that the new album represents.

"I think this album is a little more musical than the first three." he says. "I've got up-tempo, ballads, a little R&B flavor, a couple songs geared toward the working man. There's a cool gospel song I wrote."

Turner has also gotten more comfortable with working a bit to make a song fit him, rather than waiting to hear a polished track. The demo track for "All Over Me," one of the songs on Turner's new album, was relatively simple, with too few chord changes. Turner tweaked it until it fit his vision for the song.

"I reinvented the melody, put a Josh Turner twist on it so it fit my style. It's almost two different songs. That's something you can really only accomplish through experience." says Turner.

Fans will not have to wait too long to hear the rest of the album. Haywire releases November 10th.