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Rhonda Vincent's Daughters Auditioning Members for New Band

Jessica Phillips  |  November 2, 2009

Are you an ace musician and bluegrass devotee? Think you've got the chops to perform alongside bluegrass royalty?

Tensel and Sally Sandker, daughters of bluegrass diva Rhonda Vincent are looking for members to complete a bluegrass ensemble.

The sisters are both enrolled in the bluegrass program at East Tennessee State University, and perform as the group Next Big Thing. The group is expected to be in the studio soon, and has booked some shows with Rhonda herself.

Both ladies inherited their mother's talent for singing. Tensel plays bass while Sally handles the mandolin and guitar strings. An additional member, banjo player Haley Stiltner, is already in place, but they are looking for one more person to complete the group.

The posting on Rhonda Vincent's Facebook earlier this morning reads,

If you're a guitar/mandolin picker, who sings beautiful baritone.... my girls are auditioning musicians. Give them a call 615-390-4610. They're in search of the perfect person to join NEXT BEST THING. They'll be working lots of shows with us next year. And, they're going in the studio very soon.

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:: Posted at 4:30 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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