Cox Family gets back to business – November 2015
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By John Lupton, November 2015

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Despite the tragedy, one fortunate aspect was that Willard's lead vocals had been captured in the '98 sessions, and revisiting his work on old favorites like "Cash On The Barrelhead" was a revelation to Sidney. Growing up near Shreveport and the legendary "Louisiana Hayride" on KWKH, it was music the entire clan was raised on.

"The ones daddy sang on here are songs we heard in the living room over and over again, and it was so good to hear him to have those. And, a surprise to everyone that they were still in great shape when we heard them."

The title song, written by Sidney and Suzanne, is a moving story of a family's struggles and how quickly bad times can overtake good people. It wasn't intended as an autobiographical piece, Sidney says, but...

"It just comes out in a song when you write one like that, and you have sort of an indirect message, anyway...the song did reflect an actual place, the actual truth in imagery of what did take place and how we felt about our grandparents, where we were raised. That house on the cover of the record – my dad was born in that house, that's where he listened to...all these people out of KWKH radio in there. That's where he learned to play his guitar...Anything that we do, ever, still to me comes from the front porch of that house...It wasn't that things weren't hard, or tough, it's just the way that we learned to deal with them, and that was our 'office'. It was important to me and Suzanne to write about that."

"This is like starting all over again, in a's familiar, but the business has changed quite a bit. The record itself is a reflection of the past, of course, but looking at the material that we did kind of tells a story for us...where we came from, and some of our likes over the years. Yeah, a little nervous, but it's fun, it's fun to do it again. We're all a little older now."

"I hope that people will get a sense of what kind of people we are, the messages in the songs...if they get anything out of this record, I hope they get the truth. I hope they can feel that we're telling the truth, and by all means, we are telling the truth. We're not flashy people. We don't look to play music to come out with something different than who we are. Dad has always told us, 'You can't be anybody but yourself. Don't try. Just try harder to be yourself.'"

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