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Dallas Wayne

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Dallas Wayne hopes you are his biggest fan (May 2005)
"I'm Your Biggest Fan," the title track to Dallas Wayne's latest CD release, addresses the growing problem of fans who become uncomfortably obsessed with celebrities. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), Wayne's slender fame quotient doesn't require him to deal with such awkward encounters personally. Nevertheless, unlike the Ashlee Simpsons and Paris Hiltons of this planet, Wayne is a natural born musical talent, which in a just world would make him enormously famous. Equipped with songwriting skills inspired by masters like Harlan Howard and a big and bold country voice, Wayne's world is the real deal, country music-wise.... more
Dallas Wayne: "Here I Am" (Oct 2001)
It's Monday afternoon in Seattle, and Dallas Wayne is hanging out with Merle Haggard lead guitarist Redd Volkaert; drinking coffee, chain-smoking and swapping road stories. Wayne and Volkaert make up one-half of the Twangbangers, a touring supergroup of sorts also including fellow HighTone artists Joe Goldmark on steel guitar and former Commander Cody guitarist Bill Kirchen, along with Kirchen's regular rhythm section. The group is set to make its debut the following night in Seattle, and they're waiting for Goldmark and Kirchen's band to show up for their first rehearsal.... more
Dallas Wayne takes the long road (Oct 2000)
On the road in Albuquerque, Dallas Wayne is trying to deal with a bus gone bad. "Like my first two marriages, (buying) it seemed like a good idea at the time," he says. "This bus agony has lasted longer than my first marriage." But despite broken-down buses and busted-up marriages and whatever else that made him wanted to kick out the footlights, Wayne has hung on for more than 25 years in the country music business. His label debut for HighTone Records, "Big Thinkin'," was released in early September.... more