Delbert McClinton

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Delbert McClinton examines the cost of living (Sep 2005)
There have been bad decisions, both personally and financially, during the course of Delbert McClinton's nearly five decades in the music business. Yet, since McClinton, who will turn 65 in early November, took control of his musical destiny several years back and didn't leave it in the hands of what he amusingly calls the thieves at the big record companies, his career has never been so prosperous. And, says the legendary blues-country-rock singer-songwriter, he's having so much fun these... more
Nothing personal, but Delbert McClinton finds room to breathe (Oct 2002)
You can tell in the easy manner of his conversation that Delbert McClinton is in no hurry to get anywhere fast. He speaks with a cadence that suggests a man ambling along a country road on a sunny day, soaking up the scenery and enjoying all that he sees along the way. And while McClinton does not feel particularly rushed to accomplish the few things that he might perceive to be undone in his long and illustrious career, one is struck by the fact that his new album, "Room to Breathe," is on... more

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