Gary Allan

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Allan hopes third disc blows no smoke (Nov 1999)
Gary Allan be third time lucky? Or will he once again only get one hit from his third album, "Smoke Rings in the Dark," a fate that befell the honky tonker's first two albums with his very first single "Her Man" and "It Would be You." Allan, sounding hoarse in a phone interview from California, seems quite satisfied thank you with "Smoke Rings...," also the first single off his new album. "It was me," says Allan of the new album, his first for MCA. "I just had a lot more freedom this time.... more
Left Coast honky tonker does his own thing (Jul 1998)
Gary Allan enjoyed success the first time around with "Her Man" off his "Used Heart for Sale" debut CD, but he sure wasn't resting on his laurels when his follow-up disc surfaced in May. The West Coast honky tonker thought his career was on the line when "It Would Be You" was released as the first single. That's because nothing clicked on "Used Heart For Sale" except the one single. "I tried to put out something that was too country for the market," Allan says of failure of follow-up singles.... more
Singer leaves behind the surf (sometimes) for honky tonks (Dec 1996)
That may be a black cowboy hat sitting atop Gary Allan's head, but don't think of him as your latest hat act. Far from it for a California native, more of a honky tonker than anything else. Unless you throw in his love for surfing. "It's pretty much it," when asked if he doesn't care for today's crop of hat acts. "It's probably not the politically correct thing to say. I don't listen to much other stuff. I listen to the old stuff."... more

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