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Deryl Dodd

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Life is no snap for Deryl Dodd (Mar 2002)
The title track's chorus on Deryl Dodd's third release tells about a woman who loves him for his pearl snaps. Such an attraction may not be as audacious as falling for Kenny Chesney's sexy tractor, but there clearly is an element of working class amorousness at work here. "They're on the work shirts people wear to weld in," Dodd says, describing these snaps. "They're on Wrangler denims. When I began to play music, these sort of represented the way of life of these people and where I'm from. My father's an electrician, a blue collar type worker. A hard working person."... more
Dodd likes the slow but steady approach (Dec 1998)
Deryl Dodd should have been on top of the world a few years ago. After all, his debut album was being released. The future was bright. One problem, though, was no single really broke to infiltrate the airwaves. But despite this day and age where record labels rapidly show their latest phenom the door when the cash registers don't ring, Dodd was given the green light for a follow-up. So far so good. Listeners, however, will notice a lyrical difference between the two, and that's indicative of how Dodd's world fell apart in some respects around the time of the debut.... more
Deryl Dodd goes with his heart (Jan 1997)
Deryl Dodd got his record contract the old-fashioned way, the way most guys did it in the fifties, sixties, even into the seventies. He spent several years playing in the bands of more established artists, paying his dues and learning the ropes, before he set out on his own. Not that Dodd doesn't look good in a video, but at least he wasn't just plucked off a stool in the drugstore like some of his contemporaries seem to have been.By the time Dodd released his first Columbia album, "One Ride In Vegas" this past fall, he'd been around long enough to know what kind of music he wanted to make.... more

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