Jimmie Dale Gilmore

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The Flatlanders deal with "Hills and Valleys" (Mar 2009)
With only a cursory glance at our economy, it's safe to say America is down in an emotional valley, rather than riding high upon a hill. Unemployment is on the rise, the housing market has tanked, and the stock market is seemingly in a schizophrenic state of confusion. America's history is comprised of both "Hills and Valleys." "I think the hard times...I won't say it makes people more honest, but it makes ‘em search a little bit deeper about some things, and then maybe honesty comes into... more
Jimmie Dale Gilmore comes on back to roots (Sep 2005)
Jimmie Dale Gilmore is an esteemed singer/songwriter, and one-third of The Flatlanders, a trio that also includes Butch Hancock and Joe Ely. But prior to his professional music career, there was one special musician in his life that profoundly influenced the making of the artist's latest CD, "Come On Back." That special musician also happened to be his father. "My dad died of ALS, which is also called Lou Gehrig's disease, about five years ago," Gilmore explains via telephone from his Austin, Texas area home. "My dad and I had a real close relationship. Earlier in my life, there were times when it wasn't close."... more
Jimmie Dale Gilmore returns to action (Mar 2000)
Jimmie Dale Gilmore may have been missing in action, but he was not forgotten. At least not by those waiting for a new album since his decidedly different 1996 outing, "Braver Newer World," more of a high tech Gilmore effort, or hoping for more action from a quarter-century old band, The Flatlanders, that was as the title of their one and only album goes "more legend than a band." One record deal label, numerous negotiations and a hand at co-producing later, Gilmore released his sixth album, "One Endless Night" thorough his own label and Rounder.... more

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