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June Carter Cash

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CD Reviews

Articles and Interviews

John Carter Cash remains anchored in love (Jun 2007)
John Carter Cash's very name gives him away as famous offspring; the only child of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash's marital pairing. If you haven't noticed, it's a busy time for time for Cash-related activities, especially because of the new June Carter Cash biography, "Anchored in Love," and the simultaneously released and same-named all-star tribute album to June's musical legacy. (Photo of John Carter Cash and Loretta Lynn) "I think that I'm stubborn like my dad, but I can be a little... more
June Carter Cash presses on (May 1999)
As a member of the most influential family in country music history and wife of one of the century's most admired singer-songwriters, June Carter Cash has been witness to or participated in some of country's finest moments. With the release of her latest album and first in about 25 years, "Press On," Cash reclaims a part of her family's musical legacy and shows she has been more than just an observer. Though the original Carter Family recordings, featuring Cash's Mother Maybelle, Uncle A.P.... more

Editorials and Country Musings

Missing June Carter Cash (Jun 2003)
Want to know why I buy the New York Times every day even though I live nowhere near the Big Apple? It's not just because they have what I consider to be the most in-depth, balanced and well-written news around; not just because they have the hands-down best crossword puzzle anywhere. I buy the New York Times every day because they have the best obituaries of any newspaper I've ever seen. If that sounds morbid, it shouldn't. It's just that what the Times does is celebrate and uniquely sum up... more

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