Junior Brown

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Junior Brown shows polish on "Down Chrome Set" (Oct 2004)
There's a show on the Discovery Channel called "Monster Garage" where creative grease monkeys take ordinary cars and transform them into extraordinary machines. If there was ever a Monster Garage for guitars, Junior Brown's famous instrument, the guit-steel, could be featured on the premier episode. As legend has it, Brown conceived of the double-necked instrument that fuses together a 6-string guitar with a steel guitar during a dream nearly 20 years ago.... more
Junior Brown's "Mixed Bag" (Sep 2001)
Misconceptions and misperceptions surround Junior Brown. For one, he's not an Ernest Tubb imitator. Secondly, while he loves traditional country music and certainly bemoans the direction that country has gone, he's not a traditional country artist. Just call him country with a twist, as heard on his fifth full-length studio album, the aptly titled "Mixed Bag." Mixed therein Brown re-interprets Jerry Reed's "Guitar Man," Hoagy Carmichael's "Riverboat Shuffle" along with nine originals. And oh yeah, Brown covers Ernest Tubb's "Kansas City Blues."... more
Junior Brown takes the long road (Sep 1998)
Junior Brown may not be all over the airwaves, but he sure seems to be ubiquitous on the boob tube. Gap ads. Lipton Tea ads. And soon a character on "The X-Files." That despite never being a regular of the popular show. But don't think though the man with the hat and big droopy eyes is eschewing his musical career for the glitz and glamor of Tinseltown. Not with a brand new disc "Long Walk Back" just out. The 11 songs offer much variety ranging from the usual honky tonk/Ernest Tubb... more
For Junior Brown, 1996 is very very good to him (Dec 1996)
If metal superstars Metallica had their way, believe it or not, opening shows for them would be Junior Brown. Ditto for Tom Petty and those Texas long beards ZZ Top. In the case of ZZ Top, Brown did open. For the others, it was only a wish because the man often considered the second coming of Ernest Tubb with some modern guitar swishes amidst Texas Swing, blues and surf sounds and an utterly unique type of guitar just couldn't fit in the gigs. Now, this may all sound strange for a guy who's real country.... more