Larry Sparks

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Life begins at "40" for Larry Sparks (May 2005)
Subtract his birth year of 1947 from 2005, and the math says 58, but it's still winter as Larry Sparks talks from his long-time home in Indiana, and with his September birthday still months away, he laughs and says, "Fifty-seven...don't push it." To those who remember him as a teenaged guitar picker for the Stanley Brothers in the mid-1960s, it will probably come as a shock - and make a few more joints ache just a little more - to realize that Larry Sparks is now a certified 40-year veteran of the bluegrass business.... more
Larry Sparks gives a "Special Delivery" (Nov 2000)
The appearance of a new album from traditional bluegrass stalwart Larry Sparks is always likely to be viewed as a "Special Delivery" by those who have followed his career over more than three decades, so it's more than appropriate that his latest is titled exactly that. "It's been too long since I had a bluegrass album," says Sparks. His last release was the 1996 "Blue Mountain Memories," also on Rebel. ... more

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