Adrienne Young

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Adrienne Young finds room to grow (Aug 2007)
Adrienne Young is down to earth. On a phone interview from her home in Nashville, it sounds as if Young is doing the dishes and tidying up the kitchen before she pushes back a chair on a wood floor and sits down to talk. Young is about go to a special producer's only farmers market, only locally grown produce and goods, but she takes time out to talk about her third CD, "Room to Grow," running her own label (AddieBelle Music), sustainable farming and how it all fits together.... more
Adrienne Young keeps plowing until the end (Oct 2004)
For a pretty young girl to emerge from behind a desk at a big Nashville record company isn't exactly unusual stuff or a qualifier for the next book of modern nursery rhymes. But the way that Adrienne Young has made that transformation would be more likely to appear in a Ripley's tome than one from the Brothers Grimm. Young's musical journey didn't actually even start very close to Music City Row. She was born in Tallahassee, Fla. and grew up in Clearwater as part of a seven-generation chain... more