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Mary Gauthier

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Mary Gauthier looks at life between daylight and dark (Oct 2007)
Mary Gauthier is a restless spirit. But when it comes to singer/songwriters, these restless ones are usually best qualified for the job. They're always searching, but rarely finding a soft place to land. And it is a sad truth, at least within the artist/audience dynamic, that their pain is oftentimes our gain; trials and troubles are many times raw material for wonderful songs. Gauthier's new CD, "Between Daylight and Dark," (Lost Highway) is packed with many painfully beautiful songs. It's... more
Mercy me, it's Mary Gauthier finally (Mar 2005)
The circuitous and tortuous path to this point in Mary Gauthier's life is so fantastically improbable that it almost borders on Dickensian fiction. As a preamble to her restless early life, she ran away from her Baton Rouge, La. home as a teenager and experienced homelessness, drugs and alcohol, jail and detox, all before she turned 18. Overcoming that, Gauthier (as in Go-shay) began her college career at Louisiana State as a philosophy major, but her drugging had long since resumed, and the... more
Mary Gauthier: a phoenix rises from the filth and fire (Jul 2002)
First of all, it's pronounced go-shay (her last name, that is). But 41-year-old Louisiana native Mary Gauthier doesn't come across as the thin-skinned type to get miffed at mispronunciation. As her press kit tells it, the singer-songwriter and former restaurant owner has led a hardscrabble, bootstrap existence: a dizzying mix of stolen cars, jail and detox. At 15, she stole the family car and sped away from her hometown of Thibodaux, La., in search of the place where she would fit in. By 16,... more

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