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Bottle Rockets

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Whoops, Bottle Rockets create an album (Nov 2015)
Since the inception of the Bottle Rockets in the early '90s. the three basic constants have been the presence of guitarist/vocalist/primary songwriter Brian Henneman and drummer Mark Ortmann, a relatively consistent output schedule and a steady stream of great reviews for those releases. That may be the reason that the Bottle Rockets' latest, "South Broadway Athletic Club," comes as something of a surprise, as it represents the first studio album of new, original material since 2009's "Lean... more
Bottle Rockets fly the friendly blue skies (Dec 2003)
By all logical rights, the Bottle Rockets should have been reading eulogies written about them rather than the glowing reviews and feature articles documenting their contentious existence. At any number of points along the band's decade-long history (and the 20 year association between various members), the Bottle Rockets could very easily have imploded, regarded enough to pique curiosity about the band's absence, but not renowned enough to inspire VH1 inquiries into their whereabouts.... more

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