Butch Hancock

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The Flatlanders deal with "Hills and Valleys" (Mar 2009)
With only a cursory glance at our economy, it's safe to say America is down in an emotional valley, rather than riding high upon a hill. Unemployment is on the rise, the housing market has tanked, and the stock market is seemingly in a schizophrenic state of confusion. America's history is comprised of both "Hills and Valleys." "I think the hard times...I won't say it makes people more honest, but it makes ‘em search a little bit deeper about some things, and then maybe honesty comes into... more
Butch Hancock muses on "War and Peace" (Feb 2007)
While many have explored the open plains and cultural curiosity of Texas with great passion, few have embraced it as fervently as has Lubbock's own Butch Hancock, who just released "War and Peace" on his own label. Not only is the place embedded within his music, it is entrenched within his heart and soul. Lubbock might have given way to other locals in the process of Hancock's musical exploration, but he has always come back to Texas. "I'm sitting here working on a poster at the moment for... more

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