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  • Second Wind: Latest & Greatest (Bob Frank's BFD, 2019)

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The ultra long country singer Darryl Worley makes no secret that he had no interest in simply repeating himself the fourth time around. Yeah, he's had hit singles and one super huge, career song, "Have You Forgotten?," but that's all in the past. And the rural Tennessee native seems more than happy to leave his past behind, even though he remains quite proud of his accomplishments. "We had a lot of things in mind when we went into the studio to do the album," says Worley in a friendly, 90-minute conversation from his Nashville apartment the day after Thanksgiving. "One of the things was just to raise the bar, raise the standards some."  ...
Darryl Worley is no greenhorn when it comes to his musical vision. At 37, but with only one album under his belt, Worley seems to know exactly what he wanted to do with his second album - keep it traditional like his first disc, only more so. "To tell you the truth, I've seen a lot of artists over the last 10 years come out with an album that was pretty cool country sounding album, and then a lot of times with the second one, they seem to go off into some other direction," Worley says in a telephone interview from his manager's Nashville office just a few weeks before the release of "I Miss My Friend" on DreamWorks.  ...
Darryl Worley is first and foremost a skilled songwriter. But just like his hero, Merle Haggard, Worley can also sing a lick, giving him the makings of becoming the complete artistic package as shown on his Dreamworks debut, "Hard Rain Don't Last." His first big break in the music business came when the "singer's singer," George Jones, recorded Worley's "Saints & Sinners" for Jones' well-received "The Cold Hard Truth." "It was the biggest thing - to that date - that had happened to me," says Worley, 36. "I hate to say it, but when it happened, it meant as much, if not more, than signing my record contract."  ...

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