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Elizabeth Cook

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Elizabeth Cook - the modern day Loretta Lynn (Jul 2010)
Elizabeth Cook is like a modern day Loretta Lynn. She sings and writes as frankly about sex (with songs like Yes to Booty), as Lynn did with "The Pill. Now, on her fifth album, "Welder," which was produced by a true music business hit man, Don Was, Cook has fun with stereotypes (El Camino), yet gets deadly serious and personal about the subject of addiction on Heroin Addict Sister. But even though she's as cute as Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood,... more
Elizabeth Cook lands on this side of the moon (Jun 2005)
Eizabeth Cook might be the textbook example of that young girl who dreams of a big-time career as a country music singer and songwriter. Except Cook's story is less fairy tale ending and more hardscrabble reality. Nashville's no doubt seen plenty of such women, waiting tables by day to make rent and singing in the clubs and bars at night, hoping for that big break. Few, however, have likely turned their back on what was a promising career climbing the corporate ladder with a major accounting firm to follow that dream.... more
Are y'all ready for Elizabeth Cook (Sep 2002)
The urge to assume singer-songwriter Elizabeth Cook's image was cooked up by some Nashville record executive is strong, for she possesses the traits of the archetypal Country Singer. Her voice, for starters, carries the unmistakable honey twang of the Deep South. By four, she had performed a song. By eight, she had released the first of three singles, and by nine, she found herself in cowgirl fringe, fronting a honky-tonk band named Southern Breeze.... more

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