Terri Clark

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  • The Long Way Home (Bare Track, 2009)

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Terri Clark closes chapter one (Sep 2004)
Growing up in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canadian country star Terri Clark, was just a little cowgirl with big dreams. In 2004, these dreams continue to come true for the talented troubadour. She moved to Nashville at 18, paid her dues playing and waitressing at the famous honky-tonk Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, and now, a little more than 10 years later, she is on a hot streak. Catching up with Clark via telephone during a tour stop in Phoenix where she was trying to stay cool inside the concert... more
Terri Clark kills the pain (Jan 2003)
Two years ago, Terri Clark lived up to the title of her disc "Fearless," offering more laid back and softer music, different from the turbo country mantle she's occupied for more than seven years on hits like "You're Easy on the Eyes," "Better Things to Do," "When Boy Meets Girl" and "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me." While "Fearless" received much praise, the music was not aimed squarely for commercial radio, and the album did not do boffo numbers at record stores.... more
Terri Clark has no fear about "Fearless" (Oct 2000)
Think Terri Clark and uptempo, twangy, rock-leaning country songs, otherwise labelled "turbo country," comes to mind. Well, the turbo's toned down a lot on her fourth release, "Fearless," with the title emblematic of where the Canadian's head is at these days. "That's why I called the album 'Fearless' because it really was in every way. I shot at something new - new producer, we flew a guy in from New York, who never played on a country record before, new writers. Everything about is really fresh for me."... more
Despite the "poor poor pitiful me" blues, Clark voices optimism (Nov 1996)
The second time may prove to the charm as well for Terri Clark. Or she could fall into the dreaded sophomore slump and see her career go down the tubes as many artists have after a successful first album. But the Canadian does not think that is in the cards with "Just the Same," her album released on Election Day. "A few of the songs, we had before we had before we even cut the first album. We already had a little bit of a catalogue built up. Going into it, I felt the material was even... more
Clark flies high with 'Better Things' (Sep 1995)
Terri Clark has better things to do nowadays. After years of trying to make it in country music, she finds herself on the verge of being the industry's newest "overnight sensation." That leaves her with lots of things to do, including putting together her first band. Clark is not a novice performer - she spent many years as "house singer" at Nashville's legendary Tootsie's Orchid Lounge - but she's never had a full-time band. Nor has she done any touring. She'll be doing plenty this fall,... more

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