The Greencards

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For "Fascination," The Greencards change (Jun 2009)
The first notes of The Greencards' "Fascination," the title track of their third CD, announce a new direction for the band formerly associated with the next wave of bluegrass. The song starts softly, almost imperceptibly before the mandolin strings are carefully plucked and the vocals of Carol Young soar in, smooth and confident. Young, founding member, songwriter and primary vocalist for the Greencards, explains why the band wanted to change gears on their first CD on Sugar Hill Records.... more
2 Aussies + 1 Brit = The Greencards (Jul 2005)
Take Two Aussie musicians, add a Brit for good measure, and what do you get? When it comes to the current Americana and roots scene, this talented trio of expatriates equals The Greencards - a hot, young bluegrass band, now based in Austin. The Greencards' music - they just released ""Weather and Water" June 28 on Dualtone - echoes the best work of Alison Krauss + Union Station and Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, but adds its own stamp to this old time music. The band has a firm grasp on... more

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