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Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin have been together as Freakwater for over a quarter of a century, which gives their creative pairing at least the outward appearance of a marriage. And while Bean and Irwin haven't even lived in the same city for the entirety of Freakwater's existence, their simultaneous conversation via conference call to discuss their new album "Scheherazade," the duo's first new album since 2005's "Thinking of You" and debut for Bloodshot, finds them finishing each other's  ...
The cover of "Thinking of You," the seventh release from Chicago alternative country band Freakwater, looks like a greeting card from hell. The cover depicts a bouquet of roses engulfed in flames and the ominous text: "Freakwater is Thinking of You." "The cover was incredibly controversial, but we were so proud of ourselves when we sent it to the record company," explains Freakwater co-lead Janet Beveridge Bean, 42, on the patio of her Chicago home. At first, Tina Richards, owner of the Thrill Jockey label, was a bit taken aback.  ...
Have you heard Freakwater yet, Amy Ray? Emily Saliers? The Indigo Girls would do well to shiver when this stuff floats through their radio speakers. Freakwater does what few bands have been able to do in this era of modern country, which is take the stark, acoustic stuff from the olden days and breathe new life into it. What's that? Certainly, the concept is nothing new. Will Oldham makes  ...

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